Project Identification Diagram

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Project Identification Diagram

The below diagrams identify the phases and key projects leading to the main program development. Each project has a characterisation within the Research, Design and Implementation areas. These diagrams should describe the span of our research and planning endeavour.

These diagrams should also help evaluating priorities among the iaiaGi program activities, having earliest projects higher priority being a dependency for later projects.

Three phases have been identified: Concept, Kit, Product

The Concept phase has the objective to implement the conversion of a Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered automobile into an Electric Vehicle (EV), in order to sort out the main problems, make a proper implementation experience and getting something to show to make consensus and stimulate support.

caption iaiaGI-PhaseProjects-v1.2-Concept.png

The Kit phase takes the experience and the learning gathered in the Concept phase and develops the ICE automobile conversion standard process towards the implementation of the first instance of a reproducible kit for EV conversion. This phase also deals with the definition and construction of the production site based on a eco-sustainable design.

caption iaiaGI-PhaseProjects-v1.2-Pilot.png

The Product phase is the ultimate program objective implementation, that is a fully engineered and universally standardised kit and methodology for ICE automibile conversion into EV capaple to be dellivered as a product.

caption iaiaGI-PhaseProjects-v1.2-Kit.png

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